Welcome back Mr. Fall

Ive been looking forward to the fall for quite sometime, no idea why because the fall has never been my thing…but who cares? its a new season in my life and its always nice to have something to look forward too….

Its seems to me, that Ive had quite the intense summer and since today is the first day of Fall… Id like to take a second to reflect on the positive things that I was able to experience during this summer.

I started a new job, I job that I am in love with….and very much passionate about, a job that  allows me to connect with people and help with skin issues and bring a sense of beauty and confidence, Im surrounded by a positive team, lots of hugs, friends  and flowers. I have found a job that I love. 

I had a “quarter life crisis”. (really not sure how that happened… But whatever… the outcome was great) 

I survived a very ugly heart break and I blamed myself for the failure of the relationship, I took it very hard… Which I believe is normal… but then one day I woke up and the pain went away, I changed everything about my life and I really started to enjoy it. 

I made friends, Friends that lift me up and laugh with me…. Friends that care about you, make sure you eat, tackle you and till your suffocating, that sit on top of your car with you and just stare off in to space, that have wine with you, force you out to public places, text you devil faces until you respond, face time you in the middle of the night because that cant find the car, have sushi with you once a week, show up at your house and come sit on your floor just so you can have dinner, let you practice random waxing techniques, that color your hair nonstop just because you cant make up your mind, let you come over and sit in silence with you while you cuddle their dogs, teach you the ways of being an aggressive driver, walk with you in the middle of the night, and that give you a pedicure even though they are booked up for the day at work, that go to khols with you in the middle of the night, kidnap you and take you to austin just to get you away, take you to the zoo even though its way to hot… I could go on and on…Thank you God, for bringing these people to me… Im too blessed. 

I was diagnosed with a heart issue, at first that freaked me out…but then I started to realize I am in fact living for a reason, and that is a great thought to have first thing in the morning, Im not claiming anything terrible on my self, I saw the “diagnosis” as a wake up call to serve a purpose… and all though I am in constant pain 24/7 Im calling it as a temporary situation. 

I played around on a movie set and I enjoyed it, also shot a commercial, Normally I don’t speak much about that hobby, but It was special to me. 

I also took a break from camera shooting and only did a few, it was a nice break, but now that the fall has arrived, I’m way ready to go back to my love of capturing images.

I discovered Sushi. 

…..and fell in love with coffee, THE DAY AFTER, I left my job at Starbucks.

I got to shoot  A surprise engagement, True love at its finest.

I got to play all over a ranch with my friends, drive all around seen all sorts of things, played with Dogs, Cuddled fat cats, ran from cows, saw a propeller meet its depressing death, saw the sun set, climbed a tree…eat GLORIOUS TACOS…

I saw my sister a bunch and it all felt like everything in my life was coming together, traded stories, played all day, had sushi every monday, met her fantastic friends, made peace with someone very close to her, played in her closet, cuddled her dogs, ate great food with her. I look forward to seeing her as much as I can, She’s planning world trips for us, and that makes my heart full and happy.

I danced….not the best dancer, but…Whaaaaaatevs.

Saw a few great films… 


organized a 1/3 of my closet…<3

I saw a LOT of my childhood friends grow up, engagement, Pregnancy, Life.

I also got trapped in an elevator.

looking back on this list, I Had a lovely summer…. A summer worth remembering.

The summer sunsets seem to upset me when I’m alone.
I feel like watching the day end is much more impacting when there is someone in your company…
Since everything is different now, I’m learning to appreciate the days end alone.